You will call me Mistress

If you are looking to explore your limits, I am willing to help you. This will require trust from both sides. We will journey there together (but I will lead).

We will discuss your desires prior to meeting to ensure you get the most fulfilment, fun and enjoyment from your visit. 



I am a strict Mistress with 11 years experience. I had very strong sexual desires from an early age and have attempted to fulfil them ever since. 

This has meant I have always looked to push boundaries and limits where possible. Like all good Mistresses I enjoy the teasing as much as you do, and I will ensure your ultimate pleasure. If you please me.

I know that I can offer you the very best intimate experience.


You may call me Alice

I am willing to escort you for dinner or other social events. I am discreet, intelligent, classically trained in etiquette and enjoy fine wines. My favourite is a Merlot from Bordeaux or Napa Valley Regions.



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phone number: +31 6 58 96 35 16

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